About Day Flier

Day Flier is a network of air charter and ground transportation operators for successful professionals who know the value of their time.

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Time is Money. By avoiding overnight hotel stays and long automobile drives, you'll arrive hours ahead of your competition and close more business deals.

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With Day Flier there is no longer a need to arrive an hour early for your flight, wait for a return flight that may depart hours after your meeting has ended, or spend unproductive time on a layover.

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Every hour that you spend traveling is an hour that you aren't able to use fully. Whether it's completing a project or spending billable time with a client you simply can't do this effectively while sitting behind the wheel of a car or waiting for a flight to depart.

Comparing a commercial flight with a Day Flier flight

Scenario: Travel to a meeting 6 hours' driving time away in a city not served well by the airlines to attend a 2 hour meeting.
Save over 8 hours of productive time that can be used as billable time for other clients or with family.

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